Processó del Corpus
On the Sunday after Corpus Christi (May or June) processions are held in villages like Andratx, for example. On the same day in Pollença the Àguiles dance, two girls adorned with jewellery and dressed in a kind of frame that represents an eagle. They are followed by Sant Joan Pilós, who symbolizes Saint John the Baptist.


11/05 Moros i cristians – Les Valentes Dones

Sa Fira turns the centre of Sóller into a huge open-air market. But the most eagerly-awaited ceremony is the re-enactment of the battle in which the Christians vanquished the Saracen troops who disembarked in the Port of Sóller in 1516. It is followed by a procession of floats with the Valentes Dones, who represent the women who contributed to the Christian victory.