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The Serra de Tramuntana in August

In autumn in 1929 Robert Graves came to the Sierra of Tramuntana, which is a World Heritage site. He had already written some poetry collections, his autobiography and the life story of his friend, Lawrence of Arabia.


The Serra de Tramuntana in July

The Serra de Tramuntana olive tree not only fights the traditional common enemies of agriculture, but also suffers a specific disadvantage due to being planted on hard-to-reach terraced slopes that make it difficult to mechanise farming activities, vital for the survival of olive trees as a livelihood.


The Serra de Tramuntana in June

Since 2016 the Serra de Tramuntana Consortium has believed that the time has come to speak again with the different agents that participate in the 90 km of the Serra so that, among all of them, the improvement actions can be developed that must be started up in upcoming years and define the path to take if tourism flows keep growing.


The Serra de Tramuntana in May

The main new feature of the 2017 call for subsidies is that property owners and non-profits will also benefit, and not only the town councils of the municipalities integrated in the landscape of the Serra.


The Serra in November.

2016 has been, for many , like a mountain path.

With tortuous climbs bordering the abyss, areas that have left us breathless, and others in which we have needed to support ourselves with our hands and feet.

It has rained torrentially on us but also given us sun.

We have fallen, we have got up (...)


The Serra in November.

November has been a month of surprises…and contrasts. Of light and shade.
A month that has bought those things very typical of Autumn to the Serra; that has coupled fantastic days of sun with others grey and full of rain clouds.(...)


The Serra in October.

In the month that unofficially marks the start of Autumn in the Serra, we have seized the opportunity to do some sporting excursions on its trails and in its landscapes.

Every Monday, we have picked and shared with our followers, through the hashtag #SerradeTramuntana, “esclatasangs” (wild mushrooms), sunsets, races, trekking, villages in the rain, new reservoirs (thank you) to bounce back from a never-ending high season, and clouds.  Many clouds (...)


the Serra in September.

During the month of September, in Serra de Tramuntana (and our blog and social networks) a great many things have happened.

Every Monday, we have looked through your retinas in order to capture the best images labelled with the hashtag #SerradeTramuntana of the weekend. From daytrips to boatrips, photographs of roadside views, rains, storms, strawberry bushes and (semi) deserted villages.


Hello world, Hello Serra.

There is a saying in Spanish, "if Mohamed doesn't  go to the mountain, the mountain comes to Mohamed".
Serra Tramuntana is being visited, each day by many people that understand it´s natural value and appreciate it´s wonderful landscape and culture.
People, like UNESCO, that can find the beauty in how, over the course of history, man has intervene in a respectful way, creating a symbiosis that is now our heritage.
The only thing missing was that the mountain came to the people, as people  came to the mountain.