Biniaraix, Sóller
Biniaraix, Sóller
In a fertile valley surrounded by olive and orange trees and vegetable gardens, this commercial town with a great love for the produce of the land blossoms. The ancestral homes of emigrants who returned enriched from their time in South America or France stand in its narrow streets. Regular commerce with France had cultural consequences, reflected in aspects such as the architecture and the language, and indeed many families here still speak French. The Plaza de la Constitució is dominated by the church of Sant Bartomeu and the Banco de Sóller, buildings with Modernist features. The municipality is highly prized by hikers who walk, among others, along the cobbled path of Barranc de Biniaraix. The Sóller tram and train, which still operate, are from the early 20th century.
weekly market
Thursday, Saturday