Serra de Tramuntana
Unesco - World heritage
Consell de Mallorca
Serra de Tramuntana

Mallorcan midwife toad


(Alytes muletensis)


Four centimetres in length and 5 grams in weight, the ferreret or Mallorcan midwife toad is an amphibian that is endemic to the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and lives only in certain seasonal water courses, trapped inside ravines with vertical walls. It moves nimbly around this harsh environment, climbing up the rockface. Its head is developed, its body stylized and it has a pale background colour and its back is splattered with dark markings. During the day it rests near the water, hidden in small cracks in the rocks; at night it comes out to look for food, above all small insects and animals that live under the stones, or the vestiges of the plants which fall into the pools of rainwater. It is the rarest amphibian in Europe, and is in danger of extinction.

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Geographical area
Serra de Tramuntana