Serra de Tramuntana
Unesco - World heritage
Consell de Mallorca
Serra de Tramuntana



(Pandion haliateus)


The osprey’s body is designed for fishing: long legs and short toes that are rough on the inside so as to be able to grip their prey better, arranged in two sets of two and not one-and-three as in other birds of prey. The legs have gripping tendons to keep its talons tightly closed. It fishes in the sea, reservoirs and wetlands like lagoons and salt pans. It only feeds on sea fish weighing no more than half a kilo. The osprey is a migratory bird, and some specimens spend the winter in the Balearics, nesting in Mallorca and Cabrera.

Protected species

Geographical area
Sa Dragonera Natural Park, S’Albufera de Mallorca Natural Park, Cabrera Natural Park. Salt pans, ponds and the cliffs of some areas of Mallorca.