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Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana in November


Diplomas awarded for the First Serra de Tramuntana Photography Contest


Twenty photographs have been awarded and will be on show until the end of the year on panels on Raixa public estate. We project a travelling exhibition for these photographs.

Over a hundred photographers took part in this contest, with a total of five hundred and eighty photographs. The first prize in each category is 1,000 Euros and 300 Euros for each honourable mention. 


Limits in the Serra landscape values


What permits establishing and justifying what is called "The Outstanding Universal Value" established in the World Heritage Convention in 1972, is the historical evolution of Tramuntana territory.  In the case of the Serra, this value is justified by three of the ten criteria indicated by this Convention


The limits of the proposed World Heritage cultural landscape have been set up according to recommendations by the World Heritage Centre, which requires a border for a main area, or core area, and a buffer zone or transition area between the core area and the rest of the territory, where values exist to justify the proposal for nomination.


Historical evolution of territory in the Serra de Tramuntana


The historical evolution of the territory is one of the keys to being able to understand the current layout of the landscape in the Serra de Tramuntana, and is what justifies the heritage or cultural value of its elements.


In this sense, in the Serra, the most pertinent signs of the cultural landscape are based on consecutive historical events from the 10th century: the Islamic occupation of the island (X-XIII century), the feudal and Renaissance era (XIII – XVIII century); and the modern era, from the XIX century. The effects on the territory of post modernism should be considered as being related to its entry, through tourism, on a global level.


The 20 winners of the 1st Serra de Tramuntana Photography Contest will be announced on 30th November


On 30th November the Consorci Serra de Tramuntana will announce the winners of the I Serra de Tramuntana photography contest, which was announced last September. The jury met last week to decide which photos to select.


This first contest organized by the Consorci Serra de Tramuntana, together with the cooperation of AFONIB (The Balearic Islands Association of Photographers of Nature), had the intention, through the eyes of photographers, of helping to make all those elements known, which have made up the unique landscape in the Serra de Tramuntana.  The awards will be given on the Raixa Estate.