Serra de Tramuntana
Unesco - World heritage
Serra de Tramuntana

Hello World, Hello Serra.


There is a saying in Spanish, "if Mohamed doesn't  go to the mountain, the mountain comes to Mohamed".
Serra Tramuntana is being visited, each day by many people that understand it ´s natural value and appreciate it´s wonderful landscape and culture.
People, like UNESCO, that can find the beauty in how, over the course of history, man has intervene in a respectful way, creating a symbiosis that is now our heritage.
The only thing missing was that the mountain came to the people, as people came to the mountain.
To do that we created a blog, an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profile, on witch, starting on September, we will share:

interviews with anonymous people that do relevant things (to you, to me and to Serra Tramuntana) and relevant people that do anonymous things.

. we will present organizations, clubs, projects that share our goals and values, and work towards the well being, preservation of Serra Traumuntana, and with them find those hidden places and the people that live, visit and love it.

. each month a photographer, artist, journalist or film director will show us his personal, subjective peculiar insight over the Serra Tramuntana.

. every month there will also be a more technical insight covering agriculture, engineering, cattle, flora and fauna.

In August we were telling stories about Serra Tramuntana.
We were telling stories on how 6000 people spent the night of July 12 1978, in the Mirador de les Barques and in Pla de Cuber, trying to contact aliens, stories that speak about a less known Serra, one with many UFO sightings; telling stories about how Psicobloc started many centuries ago before it became Psicobloc... stories about three friends that in 1965, with only three nails and a hammer, some raisins in their pockets and allot of guts, went to Sa Fosca, in Torrente del Gorg Blau, that until that day no one had gone down, to find what was hidden beneath.

We were talking about the use of Cases de Neu, where ice was made, about garballons a palm tree used to make ropes, and we also talked about a special thimble to collect olives. We toke GR221 route, that passes through stone walls and small boat houses also known as escars de la Serrra (we did the short version because it was to hot)

All of this in one month.

Will you accompany us to Serra Traumuntana in September?