The Serra in november.


November has been a month of surprises…and contrasts. Of light and shade.

A month that has bought those things very typical of Autumn to the Serra; that has coupled fantastic days of sun with others grey and full of rain clouds.


November was the month of our interview with Joan, the last fisherman of Deià, who some weeks after surprising us with his vitality and anecdotes from around 90 years of life, surpised us with his death.


And left us with 2 hours of recordings of his stories…that we couldn’t illustrate with anything.


For this reason, we did a session in homage to him at Cala Deià, his cove, with the objects that accompanied him during his working day as a fisherman…and smuggler.


Recalling one of his anecdotes: in Deià the shameless fisherman could only bribe the young gentlemen…and the ‘margers’, we spoke with Lluc, president of the recently-formed Gremi de Margers, who was born with the vocation to give value to his work and catalogue the fruits of this labour, which is carried out whilst exposed to the sun, rain, heat and cold, but also to incredible views, the flight of birds and the scents and colours of nature.


We spoke with Lluc about life, that can contain (and generate) lifeless things (light and shade again) like stone, inanimate but essential to the abundant nature of the Serra de Tramuntana.


A nature that we went over in a talk by María Solivellas, a talk that constructed a recipe-walk of the Serra, where the countryside turned into a pantry, a market stall where we can pull up carrots, rosemary, onions, mushrooms….everything up to a kid goat hunted with a lasso.


The production, full of delicious observations that mixed gastronomy with local traditional values, became a dinner table chat without the table. Informal, close and relaxed, as only María Solivellas and her kitchen can be.


Equally relaxed (but also formal) are the meetings that the Serra conducts through our Consulta Ciudadana. A moment that, through our focus groups and open discussion with anybody who lives in and loves the Serra, closes the period and reflects on what has happened, what is happening and what we can do to improve.


For the moment, the participation of citizens, associations, institutions, groups and federations guarantees us a diverse vision from the perspective of multiple interests.


Multiple interests like those that concern the Association of the Third Age of the Serra de Tramuntana. Although the correct term might be ‘agitate’, because these are people that, in their own time, are active activists who work selflessly to improve the environment in which they live. Given that, according to the latest studies, we are faced with an unprecedented increase in life expectancy and the number of active members of the third age who live life to the full and enjoy good health and energy, these types of associations and initiatives are favourable not only in terms of the exchange, but also for the health of those who form them in avoiding problems like dementia.


And so, between the deeply contrasted light and shade of Autumn, that is no more than the natural, savage union of life and death, we bid farewell to one month and welcome in another. The last of this strange year.