Serra de Tramuntana
Unesco - World heritage
Consell de Mallorca
Serra de Tramuntana

Dry Stone


One of the most singular treasures of the Serra de Tramuntana is the work in dry stone, or pedra en sec, a building technique used since time immemorial which has served to extend farmland, improve harvests, prevent damage and exploit the irregular water supply the region receives. With this technique, which makes use of the residual stones lying around the fields, using no mortar or cement of any kind, boundary walls marking plots of land and properties are erected, as well as mountain paths, huts, charcoal pits and charcoal burners’ huts, lime kilns and ice houses, and other elements.

The greatest exponent of Mallorcan dry stone construction is terracing, a procedure for making steps in the land which is indispensable for preparing new farming spaces, using the sole resource of the stones that are available nearby. These constructions make use of materials in the surrounding area and are perfectly integrated into their natural scenic context, to the extent that they are almost a continuation of it.