Patrimonial elements

Hydraulic heritage

The exploitation of water, a scarce and highly-prized resource, has given rise to the construction of a complex traditional water engineering system in the Serra de Tramuntana, which allows underground or surface water to be extracted and captured, and subsequently conducted, distributed and stored. This system is the constructive result of continuously-developing work that has been modified, extended and adapted since the 13th century, as is proven by diverse references in documents. Generally speaking the traditional water regulation, distribution and storage systems worked until well into the 20th century, and in some cases are still in use.

This man-made network exists in addition to the natural network of stream and torrent beds, and integrates into and adapts to the characteristics of the region. In this way a water-supply landscape is shaped whose main virtue resides precisely in its balanced integration and value in terms of heritage. A work comprised of small dams, channels, pools, ponds and tanks.

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