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The value of Serra products

The survival of the Serra de Tramuntana, and with it that of our territory, depends in part on our producers managing to increase the value of their offer, which a priori has nothing to envy from that of their competitors. Our products are as good, sometimes even better, than those that come from abroad. It is their characteristics, their taste, their smell and the sensations they give us that mark their quality, a quality that for us is based on what they evoke, on the memory of sensations that many of us have grown up with. Their freshness and their particularities make them suitable for the production of our local products, which we have enjoyed so much, and their use provides the authenticity that we ourselves must demand.

The memory evoked by an authentic product such as those found in the places, shops and premises of the municipalities of the Serra, connects the products with the landscape that Unesco has recognised as a cultural landscape.

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