The cultural landscape of the Serra is made up of paths, terraces, walls and traditional dry stone constructions, a human footprint that in this case has not destroyed nature and has been harmoniously integrated into it, creating a unique space in the world. It is also home to an exceptional hydraulic heritage, the result of ingenuity in harnessing water on an island with long, dry summers. Between the mountains you can see imposing estates, once true production units, self-sufficient and heirs to the Christian territorial division of the 13th century. The Arab threat spread along the coast for centuries, and forced the construction of a coastal surveillance network to alert the villages to the arrival of enemy ships, made up of towers, watchtowers and two rocky castles. Among the religious heritage, special mention should be made of the Lluc Sanctuary, a place of pilgrimage and a cultural symbol of Mallorca.

Throughout the Serra de Tramuntana there are numerous heritage elements that enjoy special protection, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) or a Catalogued Asset (BC).

  • The BIC are the most relevant movable and immovable assets, classified in different categories: monument, historical ensemble, historical garden, historical site, site of ethnological interest, archaeological area, paleontological area.
  • The BC are movable and immovable assets that - despite not having the relevance of the BIC - have sufficient significance and value to constitute an asset to be uniquely protected.

In order to make it possible for everyone to identify all the immovable assets that make up Mallorca's cultural heritage and enjoy some form of protection, the Consell de Mallorca's Heritage Department has designed an interactive viewer that allows you to locate them. You can access the map from this link.

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