Nature redefined by human hand, our heritage.


The cultural landscape of the Serra is made up of paths, terraces, walls and traditional constructions in dry stone, a mark left by humans which in this case has not destroyed nature, but integrated with it harmoniously, creating a region that is unique in the world. It also contains exceptional hydraulic heritage, the result of ingenuity designed to exploit water on an island with long, dry summers. In the mountains one can see imposing possessions, former units of production, the self-sufficient heirs of the Christian division of lands in the 13th century. The Arab threat depopulated the coast for centuries and made the construction of a coastal watchtower network necessary, to alert the villages to the arrival of enemy ships, formed by towers, lookout posts and two rocky castles. Of the island’s religious heritage, the Lluc sanctuary deserves a special mention, a place of pilgrimage and a cultural symbol of Mallorca.